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Welcome to the B.A.(TESOL) program

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Welcome to the B.A.(TESOL) program
by Admin User - Thursday, 4 January 2018, 3:49 AM

Welcome to the program!

This is Moodle... our online Learning Management System.  You have most likely already had contact with Jasmin (our I.T. manager) but if you have any issues feel free to contact her via email.

The B.A.(TESOL) program is split into 3 parts.

  1. 3-credit classes,

    I suggest you take the following classes immediately,
    - Introduction to T.E.S.O.L., this gives you a basic understanding of what we are here for.
    - English I (Language Awareness)
    - English II (A.P.A. Report Writing), this teaches you how to write a report in the correct format that is required for all future classes.
    - Introduction to Linguistics

    After that the next most important is
    - Educational Research, this is needed to be able to complete you 3 x 10-credit research papers.

    Together with Educational Research each of the research papers has a courses associated with it that should be completed prior to undertaking the paper, these classes and papers shouldn't be attempted until you have completed at least 10 other classes as the content required is quite advanced.
    - Language Teaching Methodology
    - Phonology
    - Morphology and Syntax
    - Language Acquisition

    The remaining classes can be taken in whatever order you feel comfortable.
    - Classroom Management
    - Curriculum Development
    - Learning in the Academic Disciplines
    - Materials Development
    - Second Language Testing
    - Sociolinguistics
    - Teaching English Grammar
    - Teaching English to Young Learners
    - Teaching Listening and Speaking
    - Teaching Reading
    - Teaching Writing

  2. 10-credit Teaching Practicums

    If you are already teaching you should start undertaking these as soon as possible as they take approximately 3 months to complete and you will be required to do 3 of them to fulfil the degree requirements.

  3. 10-credit Research Papers

    These are the most demanding and challenging part of the program and should NOT be attempted until you have sufficient class experience.  As previous discussed you need to have completed English II and Educational Research before you are allowed to begin these papers.  As well as that the following classes should be completed before beginning each of the papers.

    Language Teaching Methodology paper- class of the same name recommended.
    Phonology, Morphology and Syntax paper - Phonology plus Morphology and Syntax classes recommended.
    Language Acquisition paper - class of the same name recommended.

We hope you enjoy studying with us and that you and your students benefit from this experience.  If you have any questions I am happy to assist you. 


Dr. Bruce A. Veldhuisen 

Program Director